Sabtu, 24 September 2011



white long-sleeved shirt: Mango
creme knitted poncho: thrift store
dark blue jeans: Nevada
maroon flatshoes: thrift store
vintage clutch bag: flea market
white rose ring: Stroberi
statement ring: thrift store
white bandana: thrift store

It has been a very loooong time fo me ignoring this blog. I'm such a bad bad blogger. There are a lot of things I have to handle out there though myself longs for smelling the blogsphere. So, here I am. Saying hello to you by these pictures. They are captured by my best friend and private photographer, @puriedj , using a pocket camera. We took a walk in an old suburb area of my city, Surabaya and stopped by an alley. Enjoying the sunshine and the wind. 

Though I do love spending my time with friends, hang out, go shopping, and other fun activities, I also enjoy talk to myself. Sitting down on a bench, staring the sky, observing people buzzing out there, musing everything and doing introspection. Are there any mistakes I learn? Are there any things make me proud? Sometimes, I don't need to answer. We were born to ask, right?

Last fortnight, my friends from Fiksimini Surabaya and I had a great trip to Bromo. We did have fun there. So, the upcoming post will tell about it. Have a great day, everybody! 

Loaf of Love


Senin, 30 Mei 2011

The BackBalconian

Hello, earth!
It's getting sultry here in Indonesia. Grey sky and dreary clouds fade away. The sun which used to beam slyly, shines with its heart and soul recently. So that the temperature at earth's surface rises. The transition period is so coming. The season where people prepare their summer wardrobe. Keeping jackets, warm sweaters and shawls in storage. Taking summer mini dresses, shorts, sunblock and sunglasses outside. Plan to have picnic in the park, beach visit, etc. I have armed with patience waiting for this season. Gloomy rainy days took me nowhere, trapped in the house staring the pouring rain by the window while there were numerous events and festivals running outside. So, I'll greet the beautiful sunrise in the dawn, enjoy my sunbathing at before-seven-in-the-morning, let my skin get tanned (I hate being pale and unhealthy), absorb the energy (read: vitamin D) as much as I can. Oh, how I love morning sunlight so much...

I wanna share you some photos taken by my best friend, Puri, at back balcony of my house where my mom dry wet clothes in the sun. You can see green bamboo leaves peeping in the corner of the first photo. She just used camera pocket and I edited them using Photo Scape (Fine, I'll learn CS4 soon). They look a lil' bit yellowish because I'd like to give vintage touch.

baby blue floral dress: unbranded, purchased at garage sale | bag: mom's property | floral scarf: thrift store | fringe creme open-toe shoes: berNICE | owl necklace: gift | bracelets: thrift stores

So, how is the weather in your country? Is it comfortable enough to go out? Lemme listen your stories :)

A Loaf of Love


Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

A Land Above The Clouds

On October 8th-10th I went hiking to Mountain Lawu, which is located in Magelang, East Java. This was my first experience, so I was sooo excitedly nervous, considering that I was not well prepared enough. It was Puri, my closest friend who invited me to join Lawu trip with some friends of Geopala (Geografi Pecinta Alam) Unesa, a university where I study. We browsed some information and asked friends who usually go hiking about what we should bring and do and made a list. Warm clothes, jacket, socks, scarves, gloves, rain coat, foods, cajuput oil were in my backpack.

Together with 6 friends from Geopala; they are Mas Iwan, Edo, Ary, Laila, Putri and Sica, Puri and I started the trip at 8 am. We took a bus from Purabaya bus station to Madiun. Then, moving to another bus which brought us to a small town called Magelang. The only one option to go to Cemoro Kandang is by renting a car. So we did. We arrived in Security Post about 3 pm and took a rest. Here, we met new friends who became hiking partners, they are Mas Agung, Mas Andri and Mas Bayu.

The next day, our team started the hiking trip at 9 am by praying. There are 5 posts or shelters in Mt. Lawu. The first shelter is called 'Taman Sari Bawah', the second is 'Taman Sari Atas', the third is 'Penggek', the fourth is 'Cokrosuryo', and the last one is 'Hargomulyo'. As a newbie I need almost 11 hours to reach the top. Moreover, it was raining when we just arrived at the third shelter and the weather was getting cold and colder. Fiuh, that was a very long and tiring journey. Lucky me, all my friends are the greatest supporter ever. They could boost my power and encourage me not to give up. All my sweats were paid back when I saw the breathtaking scenery. Green mountainous hills, pretty wild flowers, small insects and a large savanna above the clouds and millions of stars in the clearest night sky I ever saw are some of the wonderful ones. We usually stare the clouds in the sky by lifting our chin up, but here, in the top of the mountain, you don't have to. Your position even is higher than the clouds. You are on the land above the clouds. Amazing!

Golden Sunrise

left to right: Mas Iwan, Sica, Edo, Laila, Ary, Mas Agung (yellow shirt), Puri, me, Mas Andry, Putri and Mas Bayu

Above it all, I could feel a warm and sincere friendship between my team. Before this journey was taken, I knew none, except my best friend, Puri. But we supported and helped each other like best friends who know each other for a life time. We laughed our stupidity, shared foods and spread joy, even to other hiking teams we met along the way. So we forgot our tiredness and smiled during the trip. Thank God, I have a new family now.

This Lawu Trip encourages me to take another mountain hiking trip. I am usually questioned, Why do you like hiking to mountains? Now, I know the answer. Because the answer is there. Leave your warm and comfortable cave and see the world.

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Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Say hello..

Hi, all blogwalkers!

I'm sending a warm greeting for all of you in blogsphere. Nice to smell you :) For you've already seen that it is my first entry in my blog. Actually, I have another blog in blogspot, but unfortunately I let it off. So, I promise that that it will not be like the ancestor.

Well, lemme introduce myself. My name is Winis Tirtani Seaprila. Friends call me Winis, or Wince (sounds like a ladyboy name -,-" *phew*) I am a 20 years old student majoring in English Literature in University State of Surabaya. I'm studying English but unfortunately my English doesn't grow well. Hopefully, in this blog I can improve my English writing. Anything else? Ummm.... I love reading books, traveling, fashion and culinary. I enjoy spending hours on mother earth; lying on the green grass, staring crystal blue sky or swimming in white sandy beach and enjoy the sunshine. So, in this blog you will read all of my thoughts and likes.

So, thank you for your stop to read. I hope you enjoy my brief first entry. See you at the next post.

A loaf of love